Warning: You’d be clinically insane if you start using Stripe, INC Payments before you read this detailed review word-for-word…

Stripe, INC Payments Review: The Cold-Hard Scathing Truth About Using Stripe As Your Payment Processor

There’s no doubt Stripe, INC is a pioneer in the online payments industry. As a true innovator you would think at first glance Stripe would be a viable option for your business to accept and process payments for your online storefront but that isn’t always true.

Imagine this for a second…

You put a lot of time, effort, energy and financial resources into creating the business of your dreams. You’re running flawlessly for years. You haveĀ  really low refund and chargeback rates, run a tight ship on your business with hundreds (if not thousands) of happy customers. Then one day you wake up with an email that says “Your Funds Are On HOLD!”.

Then POOF!

Just like that…your entire business is inoperable. You can’t pay your bills, you can’t pay your employees and your business is hanging by a thread.

Sounds crazy, but it’s exactly what happened to one of our readers by the name of Tori and many others who use Stripe Payments as their primary merchant account.

It’s precisely why we wrote this Stripe, Inc Review to help you understand the risks associated with a merchant account through their online payments platform.

A True-Story Of One Business Owner’s Stripe, INC Payments Experience Gone Terribly Wrong

You see Tori has run an online business for more than 9 years. You could say that’s a proven track record of running a flawless business. Everything was going great until one month there was a single, dishonest customer who made a purchase from Tori’s website twice (the second time presumably by accident).

Instead of the customer owning up to the mistake there was a chargeback filed on both orders.

Then it happened.

Tori received the most terrifying email you could ever receive, subject line: “Your Funds Are On Hold”.

Now Tori’s average order size for a wholesale business is between $1500 and $3500.

That means there are THOUSANDS of Dollars moving through her Stripe Inc Payments account on a regular basis and just like that business comes to a complete halt!

A single, dishonest customer and single-handedly taken down a decade-old-business.

Tori is left with nothing.

There’s no way to:

  • Pay the bills
  • Pay employees
  • Cover shipping costs
  • Purchase new inventory
  • Re-coupe lost funds

That doesn’t even include the charges that will be levied against the account for the dishonest customer filing a chargeback which cost Tori even more money.

It doesn’t make sense does it?

A hard working seller who has built a business from the ground up for nearly a decade suddenly gets penalized and in a matter of seconds becomes utterly inoperable.


This isn’t the only time this has happened. Tori’s story is only one of countless stories that are similar.

The Problem With Using Stripe, Inc Payments As Your Online Merchant

If you’re thinking about using Stripe, Inc as your online payment solution, think twice! There is a ton of risk for you as a business owner so make sure you choose wisely. Here are several key-factors as to why I would never recommend using Stripe to accept payments from your customer:

  1. Stripe Inc Will Hold Your Funds Or Worse Terminate Your Account. There’s no one to govern Stripe so they make their own rules leaving you at an extreme risk to wake up one day only to find out your business has been shut down. Stripe reserves the right to shut you down without notice or explanation whether there is a real, justified reason or a perceived one.Lets face it is that something you’re willing to risk after you put your own blood sweat and tears into growing your business?
  2. Slow or No customer service. This is especially true after your funds have been held. You may even be downright completely ignored regardless of your history.Now I don’t know about you but after running a business for 10 years if you need support you deserve better…would you agree?
  3. Stripe, Inc is not a real merchant. I want you to understand here that Stripe is a reseller for merchant services. They themselves are not actually a merchant provider. They are a 3rd party aggregator which is simply a bridge that connects you to their underlying provider. That means you pay higher processing fees and have slower deposits for your transactions into your bank account. I’m not sure why you would ever want to work with a third-party when you could simply go direct.
  4. Stripe, Inc’s Chargeback process. Because Stripe is not a real merchant it means they are liable for any transactions processed through them so they are responsible for returning funds to a customer. That means they set their own rules for how to combat this issues so without question or hesitation they will yank the funds directly out of your account and charge you a fee for managing your chargebacks. The offer ZERO assistance with how to fight your chargebacks so good luck getting your money back from an dishonest customer.
  5. NO Fraud Protection. Lets face it, running an online business you’re subject to fraudulent transactions. One major area where Stripe, INC lacks in, is offering you any kind of fraud detection and prevention whatsoever. There are plenty of tools available now and the technology could be easily integrated into the Stripe Payment platform yet they neglect to do so putting you, the honest business owner, at an extreme risk especially as your business continues to grow.

You can read additional Stripe Reviews and Complaints on the BBB website and RipOffReport.com. As of the time of writing this, there are 54 negative reviews on BBB and 109 negative reviews in RipOffReport. You’ll quickly see there are countless stories like the one mentioned above.

It is for these reasons I DO NOT recommend using Stripe or any other similar online payments processor such as: Braintree, Paypal, Square or others. They all charge the same rates and the above listed reasons also apply.

Our rating gives Stripe a 2 star review. They fail in the stability of client accounts, overall customer service and lack the protections you deserve as a business owner. That means they will shoot first and ask questions later. Stripe takes on the approach of you’re are guilty until proven innocent which goes against what America is all about and puts your business at an extreme risk.

That’s why we recommend going with a mainstream merchant account like the one below:


If you’ve had a negative experience with Stripe, INC we’d like to hear about it, simply share your story below and let us help you secure a merchant account with guaranteed approval and the best rates in the industry.